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Homework Procedure

Since homework assignments are intended to reinforce and drill the skills and concepts taught during the day, homework will be given on a daily basis (including most weekends). In every class, daily homework assignments will be written on the blackboard in a designated area of each homeroom classroom.

The students need to develop positive study skills that will enhance their ability to learn high-level thinking skills. Homework assignments will be assigned in all subjects during the week and there will be reinforcement activities assigned for the weekends. The following is a general guideline of how much time students should spend doing homework each night:

  Grade K 15-30 minutes
  Grade 1 30-45 minutes
  Grades 2-3 46-60 minutes
  Grades 4-5 60-75 minutes
  Grades 6-8 75-90 minutes

Note: Please keep in mind that these times may vary slightly and that even if students have no written homework, they are encouraged to study major concepts and themes covered in classes that day so that they are ready for written and oral evaluations.