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Student Drop Off - Pick Up Policy

We request your support in ensuring that all visits to the Prospect Park School are safe, organized and pleasant. We ask that all parents and visitors follow the guidelines below.

Student Drop-off:

  • Use the assigned doors for each grade level.
  • All kindergarten and pre-kindergarten students use the front entrance.
  • All students (grades pre-K-8) who arrive after 8:30am must use the front entrance and report to the receptionist's office. 

Student Pick-up in the middle of the day:

  • Write a note to your child's teacher in advance indicating the name of the person who will collect your child.
  • Report to the office and your child will be called.

Student Pick-up at the end of the day:

  • Students (grades 1-8) will be dismissed at their assigned doors.
  • Pre-kindergarten and kindergarten classes will be dismissed at the front entrance.

School Visits for Parents:

The Prospect Park School welcomes communication between the home and the school. Unexpected classroom visits disrupt instruction. You can schedule an appointment with the receptionist, or leave a voicemail for your child's teacher.