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Breakfast and Lunch Info

Breakfast Program

Breakfast will be served each morning between 8:00 and 8:20 AM. When students finish eating, they will return to the playground to re-enter school with their class at 8:25 AM.

Lunch Program

There are three lunch periods, consisting of 41 minutes each. Each lunch period is split for eating and playground time.

  Lunch Grades Time
  First Lunch Period 4 Pre-K, K, LC4, LC5 10:54am - 11:35am
  Second Lunch Period 5 3rd, 4th, LC2 11:37am - 12:18pm
  Third Lunch Period 6 5th, 6th  12:20pm -   1:01pm
  Fourth Lunch Period 7 7th, 8th, LC3  1:03pm -   1:44pm


Lunchroom Rules

Follow the directions of the lunch supervisor, and lunch aides the first time they are given.
Wal quietly to the cafeteria to get your lunch. Stay in a straight line. Do not run upstairs or in the hallway.
Know your Personal Identificiation Number(PIN) and have your money ready.
Sit in your seat at all times.
Speak softly; do not yell,
Do not throw food
Clean up your space after you finish eating. Put all trash in the garbage and/or recycling bins.
Do not leave the linchroom unless you have permission from a lunch aide, or lunch supervisor.
Do not bring food out of cafeteria.

Playground Rules

Stay within the playground boudaries. Do not leave the playground once you have entered it.
Do not bring any food onto the playground or sidewalks.
Do not litter the playground or school grounds.
Do not throw stones, rocks, or any other harmfull objects.
Do not use foul language at any time.
Do not place your hands on anyone. Fighting for any reason will result in suspension.
Stop playing when the lunch aides indicate that time is up and listen carefully for directions.