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Prospect Park Staff Listing


Name  Phone Position
Mrs. Allison Angermeyer
973-720-1981 Superintendent
Dr. Tyeshia Reels - 973-720-1981 Business Administrator/Board Secretary
Mrs. Catherine D'Arrigo - 973-790-7909 Principal / Director of Special Education
Ms. Kerri Waibel - 973-790-7909 Director of Curriculum and Instruction


Name Email (click to email) Position
Mrs. D. Aguilar MakerSpace & Gifted and Talented
Mrs. T. Alabee Pre-K
Mrs. G. Aliano Title I
Mrs. C. Alvarenga Title I
Ms. D. Ankelein Physical Education
Mrs. L. Antista Guidance
Mrs. T. Baccaro Kindergarten
Mrs. K. Barbire Grade 1
Mrs. K. Barta Middle School
Mr. R. Berger Middle School
Ms. N. Bruder LC-6
Mrs. N. Bruschi LC-3
Ms. A. Byrd Social Worker
Mrs. S. Christensen LC-2
Mrs. L. Colomier Title 1
Mrs. J. Dabrowski Grade 1
Mrs. D. DeCarlo-Gangi Pre-K
Mrs. J. DeJesus LC-1
Mrs. K. Dellapena Middle School
Ms. K. Duran Grade 1
Mrs. V. Faughnan Grade 5
Mrs. R. Ficetola Grade 4
Ms. E. Franco Media Specialist
Mrs. G. Gambon Grade 3
Ms. J. Garofano Music
Mrs. M. Goenaga ESL
Mrs. C. Gomez Grade 5
Mrs. M. Gomez Grade 5
Mrs. C. Hanna Middle School
Mrs. D. Hallgren Nurse
Mrs. R. Illescas Grade 4
Mrs. D. Isenhour Pre-K
Ms. L. Iurato Special Education
Mr. R. John Middle School
Mrs. A. Kalajian Grade 2
Mrs. J. Laauwe Spanish
Mrs. D. Levy-Robbins Reading Specialist
Mrs. J. Lombardi Grade 3
Mrs. L. Luizzi Grade 2
Mrs. C. Machovsky Special Education
Ms. M. Major ISS/SEL
Mrs. K. Mascelli Middle School
Ms. Z. Matragas LC-4
Ms. S. McCollum Board Office
Ms. L. Ogden Title I
Ms. F. Pasquale Special Education Teacher
Mrs. M. Pellegrino Grade 3
Ms. R. Powell Middle School
Mrs. L. Rosoline Kindergarten
Ms. A. Scarabaggio Middle School
Ms. L. Schwartz Reading Specialist
Mr. M. Scott Middle School
Ms. V. Snow Board Office
Mrs. B. Solloway Middle School
Mrs. J. Sullivan Middle School
Mrs. C. Sweetman Grade 5
Mrs. C. Turner Kindergarten
Ms. K. VandenHeuvel Special Education Teacher
Mrs. K. Walls Grade 4
Mr. R. Wiesenfeld Middle School
Mr. M. Wnoroski Guidance
Mrs. D. Yonadi Grade 2
Ms. L. Carrero Title 1
Ms. S. Stewart Title 1
Ms. J. Zarnick Art
Mrs. J. Soto Physical Ediucation Teacher
Mr. G Gormly Physical Education Teacher
Mrs. J Gomez Kindergarten
Ms. C. Fernandes Psychologist
Ms. K.Ford Grade 2
Ms. K. Dumicic Title I


IT Department

Name  Email Position
Robertini Dessources NRESC/ Technician


Name  Email Position
Honacy Beco Custodian
Oscar Leon Cortes Custodian
Luis Pineda Custodian
Robert Sammis Custodian
Luis Tapia Custodian