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Mrs. D. Aguilar Grade8 & Gifted and Talented
Mrs. T. Alabee Pre-K
Mrs. G. Aliano Grade 3
Mrs. C. Alvarenga Grade 4
Ms. D. Ankelein Physical Education
Mrs. L. Antista Guidance
Mrs. T. Baccaro Kindergarten
Mrs. K. Barbire Grade 1
Mrs. K. Barta Grade 6
Mrs. L. Baumzweig School Pyschologist
Mr. R. Berger Grade 6
Ms. N. Bruder LC-6
Mrs. N. Bruschi LC-3
Ms. A. Byrd Social Worker
Mrs. S. Christensen LC-2
Mrs. L. Colomier Title 1
Mrs. J. Dabrowski Grade 1
Mrs. D. DeCarlo-Gangi Pre-K
Mrs. J. DeJesus LC-1
Mrs. K. Dellapena Grade 7
Ms. K. Duran Grade 1
Mrs. V. Faughnan Grade 5
Mrs. R. Ficetola Grade 4
Ms. E. Franco Media
Mrs. G. Gambon Grade 3
Ms. J. Garofano Music
Mrs. M. Goenaga ESL
Mrs. C. Gomez Grade 5
Mrs. M. Gomez Grade 6
Mrs. C. Hanna ISS
Mrs. R. Illescas Grade 4
Mrs. D. Isenhour Pre-K
Ms. L. Iurato Special Education
Mrs. C. Jefferson Receptionist
Mr. R. John Grade 8
Mrs. A. Kalajian Grade 2
Mrs. M. Kochinski Special Education Teacher
Mrs. G. Korin Kindergarten
Mrs. J. Laauwe Spanish
Mrs. D. Levy-Robbins Reading Specialist
Mrs. J. Lombardi Grade 3
Mrs. L. Luizzi Grade 2
Mrs. C. Machovsky Title 1/Special Education
Ms. M. Major Grade 8
Mrs. K. Mascelli Grade 7
Ms. Z. Matragas LC-5
Ms. S. McCollum Board Office
Ms. L. Ogden Grade 1
Ms. F. Pasquale Special Education Teacher
Mrs. M. Pellegrino Grade 3
Ms. R. Powell Grade 7
Mrs. L. Rosoline Kindergarten
Ms. A. Scarabaggio Grade 7
Ms. L. Schwartz Reading Specialist
Mr. M. Scott Grade 8
Ms. V. Snow Board Office
Mrs. B. Solloway Grade 6
Mrs. J. Sullivan Grade 8
Mrs. C. Sweetman Grade 5
Mrs. C. Turner Kindergarten
Ms. K. VandenHeuvel Special Education Teacher
Mrs. K. Walls Grade 4
Mr. R. Wiesenfeld Grade 5
Mr. M. Wnoroski Guidance
Mrs. D. Yonadi Grade 2
Ms. L. Carrero Title 1
Ms. S. Stewart Title 1
Ms. J. Zarnick Art
Mr. D. Kleinberg Physical Education Teacher
Ms. J. Soto Physical Ediucation Teacher