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Harassment Policy
Policy 5512 - Harassment (pdf)
Report Bullying and Harrassment

District Information
Prospect Park Start Strong Presentation.pptx
Lead in the Water Report (pdf)
Evaluation to Award the Food Service Vendor via the RFP Process (pdf)
HIB District and School Grade Report 20-21 (pdf)
User Friendly Budget 2022 - 2023 (pdf)
Gifted and Talented Program
Updated Safe Return Plan
2019-2020 HIB Report (pdf)
2017-2018 HIB Report (pdf)
User Friendly Budget 2021-2022 (pdf)
User Friendly Budget 2020-2021 (pdf)
User Friendly Budget 2019-2020 (pdf)
Prospect Park QSAC DPR Summary 20-21
Teacher Evaluation System: McRel
Principal Evaluation Styem: The Marshall Principal Evaluation Rubrics
Prospect Park School Performance Reports

Welcome to the Prospect Park School District



PPBOE Meeting Agenda March 16, 2023 (pdf)
PPBOE Meeting Agenda February 16, 2023 (pdf)
Prospect Park Start Strong Presentation.pptx
PPBOE Agenda January 19, 2023 (pdf)
Re-Organization Meeting Jan. 5, 2023
December 22, 2022 PPBOE Agenda (pdf)
Public Meeting Notice Change for December 2022
November 22, 2022 PPBOE Agenda (pdf)
BOE Public Meeting Notice 11-22-22
Public Meeting Notice Cancellation November 2022
PPBOE Agenda October 20, 2022 (pdf)
Notice of BOE Meeting on Oct 20, 2022
PPBOE Meeting Info & Link - Sept. 22nd 7pm
PPBOE Agenda September 22, 2022 (pdf)
Notice of BOE Meeting on Sept. 21 changed to Sept. 22
PPBOE Special Meeting Info 9-7-22
Agenda PPBOE Special Meeting 9-7-22 (pdf)
Notice of BOE Special Meeting 9-7-22
August 2022 Board Meeting Info & Link
Agenda PPBOE Meeting August 22, 2022 (pdf)
Notice of BOE Special Meeting 8-22-22
PPBOE Special Meeting Info 8-1-22
Agenda PPBOE Meeting August 1 2022.docx
Notice of BOE Special Meeting 8-1-22
2022-2023 Supply List (pdf)
PPBOE Meeting Tonight, July 21, 2022
PPBOE Meeting Tonight, July 21, 2022
Agenda PPBOE Meeting July 21 2022 (pdf)
Board Meeting Info & Link Tuesday June 28th, 2022
PPBOE Agenda Meeting June 28, 2022 (pdf)
PPBOE Meeting Agenda June 14th, 2022 (pdf)
Agenda PPBOE Meeting May 10 2022 (pdf)
Agenda PPBOE Meeting April 26 2022 (pdf)
Agenda PPBOE Meeting April 5 2022 (pdf)
Agenda PPBOE Special Meeting 3-24-22 (pdf)
Agenda PPBOE Meeting March 14 2022 (pdf)
Read Across America Spirit Week 2022 (pdf)
RAA Reading Contest 2022 (pdf)
Agenda PPBOE Meeting Feb 9 2022 (pdf)
Remote instruction to continue until further notice
Agenda PPBOE Special Meeting 1-27-22 (pdf)
Remote Learning Continues
Please Click here for further info about continued remote learning
Virtual Learning Notice
Notice of BOE Special Meeting 1-27-22 (pdf)
Remote Instruction Announcement January 2022 (pdf)
2021-22 Supply Lists
Archived Announcements 2020-21

District Calendars
2022-2023 Board Meeting Schedule (pdf)
2022-2023 District Calendar (pdf)
2021-2022 District Calendar (pdf)
2020-2021 School District Calendar (pdf)
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